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NIC District Center

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Structured Local Area Network

File Monitoring Systems

Web site maintance www.jalgaon.gov.in

Internal Video Conference Facility

In March 1977, an information dream came true in the form of inception of National Informatics Center (N.I.C.) under the Department of Electronics, Government of India, New Delhi. N.I.C. has never looked back since its inception and has become an Organization of National and International repute. It has been playing a promotional role in creating appropriate computer based information system and Informatics culture in the Central and State Government Departments / Ministries for decision-making. During the last decade, NIC has been able to make headway in creating awareness in the Government departments, for computer based information systems as an effective tool for decision support. The emphasis was on development of an infrastructure capable of design, development and implementation of on-line information systems and promotion of Informatics culture in the Government Departments. The present emphasis is on consolidating this development effort and promoting Informatics applications in all sectors of Government activities. With the progressive establishment of nation wide informatics work, N.I.C. is fulfilling its objective of providing decision support information for economic and social development planning, program implementation and project monitoring, N.I.C. has been charged with the responsibility of extending NICNET to cover all state capitals as well as districts in order that the experience gained by it can be exploited for planning and monitoring of plan schemes and providing a efficient information system linking the State government and the Central Government. N.I.C. is playing a catalytic role during last few years in introducing computer awareness and promoting systems approach in data collection, organization, processing and its online accessibility. VSAT based communications setup installed in all district and state capitals with mother earth station at New Delhi, provides satellite based data communication network. Since 1996, N.I.C. started using in house Video Conferencing using NICNET's KU-band.

Major Objectives of NIC

  • Development of necessary computerized information systems in various sectors of the economy.
  • Improvement of analytical capability and presentation of statistics utilized for national, state and district level planning.
  • Development of modelling as well as forecasting simulation techniques that are required for planning and decision supports.
  • Evolving standard for data collection, compilation and dissemination with the co-operation of related agencies at district, state and central level.
  • Creating a dedicated training school with branches in all part of country for extensive training or retraining of personnel in public services and users of NICNET.
  • Establishment of computer networks with necessary communication equipment for ensuring optimal use of resources.
  • Providing gateway for accessing international databases for those working in district/state or center.

Information about NIC District Centre -Jalgaon

The District Centre at Jalgaon started functioning since 1989. Since then, lot of progress has been made in the computerization activities at the grass root level.

Software's developed at NIC -Jalgaon

PA references - The references pending with the PA to Collector have been computerized and are being monitored by the Collector using a software developed by NIC. This helps in effective monitoring of pendency and clearing of files.

WW2 pension aquittance roll - The aquittance roll and accounting statements have been developed for the Zilla Sainik Kalyan Office. The software saves 2 man-weeks of typing effort.

Payroll for the Municipal Corporation - Payroll has been developed for the Municipal Corporation on the directions of the then I/C Municipal Commissioner i.e. Collector Jalgaon.

Software's implemented at NIC -Jalgaon

LMIS - Land records Management Information System (7/12) is being implemented in the district. The user department is Revenue dept. The system is client-server system based on Linux/DB2/V.Basic.

PCIS- Property Cards Information System (PR cards) is being implemented in the district. The user department is Supt.of Land Records. The system is also client-server system based on Linux/DB2/V.Basic.

BPL Survey - The survey for determining the below poverty level rural citizens for the year 2002 was computerised. The system is MS-Access2000 based.

The centre is situated in the campus of the District Collectorate in a separate building built specially for computerization activities. The building hosts NIC centre, LRC centre and a well-equipped training hall.

The computer infrastructure consists of three servers and three clients. Operating systems are MS-Windows 2003/2000 servers and Red Hat Linux 7.2/RHEL-AS) and SCO-Unixware networked by a 16-port hub. The computer systems are powered by two 2 KVA UPS systems. Internet connectivity is VSAT based and is integrated into MAHANET network which is DAMA-VSAT based network of Govt.of Maharashtra. The DAMA-VSAT hosts TV based Video-conferencing and telephone/fax systems. This whole system functions as a small ISP (Internet service provider) via RAS (remote access service) based dialup service.

The Collectorate has its own network of computer-systems infrastructure which consists of an MS-Windows NT server and client PCs with own network for file/printer sharing.


NIC Jalgaon provides technical consultancy and support to the Government offices. It also provides dialup internet services.
NIC New Delhi provides ISP services to the Government departments and has facilities to host websites using its industrial strength infrastructure like SAN/IPLB.